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scrappy-little-nobody-book-review“Scrappy Little Nobody” is Anna Kendrick’s autobiography. She shares her stories and feelings about starting off small in the acting world. You may only remember her from “Pitch Perfect” and “Twilight,” but that does not mean she started right at the top. She had to struggle even as a pre-teen, to work her way up in the acting world. The best thing about this book is the hidden details on what it really takes to become famous. She has a way of sprucing up what could be the dullest chapter with her humor.  Kendrick is amazing at keeping the pages turning. Reading her story  feels more like having a conversation with a friend with her annotations of sarcastic comments at the bottom of the page.  She described how the low pay and long nights were a lot for a young kid, but her bragging rights about being on Broadway or in a small part of a movie were astounding. She talks about the hardships of working with adults or more experienced kids her age. Her family had to make sacrifices for her to go to New York and try out for parts. Sometimes the auditions would mean that she and her barely teenaged brother would need to stay in New York alone. This wouldn’t be a big deal to a young New Yorker, but she was from a small town in Maine, so it was a big step. After reading about so many of her experiences, believe me, I will not give this away; you will have to read this book for yourself.

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