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Christmas is just not the same without  the traditional  visit  with  the big guy and his helpers. That is right, I am talking about the famous Santa Claus and his elves. This may seem like a silly, childish task, fit only for those under 12, but that is not the case. The Greenwood Park Mall hosts “Santa’s Waiting,” where you can visit and take a photo with Santa and his elves. When I was there, there were little girls dressed in their pretty red sparkling dresses and little boys dressed in slacks and their best sweater vests holding on to their parents’ hands as they approached the front of the line. There were the few younger children who cried when they were placed in Santa’s hands, which was quite entertaining. When you walk into the mall and see the stereotypical Santa’s workshop set up, you find yourself smiling as your inner child comes to play. The children could interact with one another while making crafts, and they could enjoy the cotton candy station while they waited patiently to visit with Santa. The various prices for photos ranged from affordable to expensive. Even as an adult, the Santa Claus station brings Christmas cheer to everyone and the simple hope of getting that one gift that we all want more than anything keeps our spirits high all year round and that is all that matters. You can visit Santa until Christmas Eve. Specific times are listed on the Greenwood Park Mall’s website.

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