A Beautiful Funeral

BeautifulFuneralMob bosses, uncertain death and suspense on every turn of the page are just a few things stowed away in the sixth book of the Maddox Brothers Series, “A Beautiful Funeral,” written by Jamie McGuire. The main characters, the five Maddox brothers, their wives and children and their brothers’ father, are put into danger after Travis and Thomas Maddox, special agents in the FBI, are involved in the killing of a mob boss in Las Vegas. However, most of the Maddox family is clueless that two of their own are even in the FBI, let alone assassins. The Maddox family all convene in Eakins, Ill. to stay safe. If you thought that plot line was confusing, you aren’t wrong. Near the middle of the book, I found myself having to go back and re-read information from a previous chapter, which is a minor annoyance. If you really are interested in reading this book, I recommend reading the five prequels in the series first to fully grasp the author’s writing style and the Maddox family.

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