UIndy Dance Marathon hosts first charity ball

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The University of Indianapolis Dance Marathon hosted its inaugural Red for Riley charity ball on Friday, April 29. The charity ball was hosted by UIndy Dance Marathon, formally known as UIndy for Riley. Prior to the gala, junior art therapy major and President of UIndy DM Alexandra Bishop explained the expectations of the night.

“It is the first time we are doing this event,” Bishop said. “It is something we want to turn into an annual event hopefully. It is just to have fun. We are going to have a DJ, dance floor, finger appetizers, raffle prizes. As [for] all of our fundraisers, we are raising [money] for Riley Hospital. We will have a Riley family come and tell a story [during the gala]. It is kind of just a celebration of everything we have done so far, it is also another way for people to get to know what we do and how to get involved.”

The UIndy Red for Riley Charity Ball was the first student organization that had alcohol present. Bishop explained the strenuous processes of how the club got the approval.

“UIndy has just changed the policy that they allow alcohol on campus, but you have to go through a very deep approval process,” Bishop said. “So we have been waiting for about three months to get our approval. So, it definitely was a long road, but we are the first school student event to have it.”

UIndy DM also made sure to take precautions for the bar at the event.

“We have police officers at the event, then we have the whole protocol about checking IDs to get a band, then the bartenders are aware to check the band to make sure it does not feel loose or torn,” Bishop said. “There is also a two-drink rule maximum.”

The charity ball was an event that Bishop and the other members of UIndy DM were excited for. The organization got the idea for the event from other dance marathons.

“[The gala] is another branch of our dance marathon, which is our biggest event,” Bishop said. “And maybe something to go to if people aren’t interested in the Dance Marathon then they might enjoy a little more of a formal thing. So we basically got the idea from other dance marathons and just made it our own.”

The gala was in UIndy Hall and was decorated in red and white streamers with stars hanging from the ceiling and even a place where attendees were able to take pictures. An assortment of different appetizers was offered, and the bar was stocked with beer and wine. However, this is not the only event UIndy DM has had throughout the year.

“We do different tie-dye events,” sophomore community health education pre-occupational therapy major and member of UIndy DM Megan Julian said. “We [also] do a lot of canning at different sporting events but we are working on more events for next year.”

If a student is interested in becoming involved with UIndy Dance Marathon, he or she can get involved in multiple ways, according to Julian.

“Obviously coming to great events like this [and] promoting [UIndy DM] around campus [is a way to get involved]. And I think it is really important especially with all the kids on the different teams,” Julian said. “So, [you can get involved by] going to sporting events and donating. Coming to our events is the main thing though, and it is so much fun.”

The University of Indianapolis Dance Marathon hopes to make the Red for Riley Charity Ball an annual event.

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