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 I’ve been to Lincoln Square Pancake House a few times now, and it is quickly becoming my go-to destination when it comes to breakfast food. At face value, this family-owned diner appears to resemble just about any other family-owned diner, but there are a few things that makes it a standout.  The serving staff always have been kind, and that was no different during my last visit, even though the restaurant was packed with a crowd. After about a 10 minute wait, my dining companion and I got a seat and began to peruse the lengthy menu. I decided on a Spanish omelette, which came with chorizo sausage, onions, peppers, tomatoes and a spicy Spanish sauce. The dish also came with choice of toast, biscuits, pancakes or French toast. I opted for the pancakes, because I had not previously tried them. The omelette had a lot of fresh ingredients, but the thing that brought it all together was the Spanish sauce, which reminded me a bit of a soupier, spicy salsa. The pancakes were fluffy, with hints of vanilla. While I got a Coke with my meal, my friend got a coffee and a glass of orange juice. The server brought an entire pot of coffee for the table. While that is a pretty common occurrence in some diners, I always find it a nice touch. You can see them loading up the juicer on the back counter, that’s how fresh the juice was. I’m pretty sure this is going to stay my usual breakfast spot, if I can wake up early enough.


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