Chapati Review

The local family-operated Pakistani and Indian restaurant, Chapati, features a perfect combination of high-quality dining and international culture at a reasonable price. This makes it a good choice for anyone looking for a great meal on the northwest side of Indianapolis.

As I entered the restaurant, I noticed bright colored walls along with Indian music videos playing on TVs. I found the restaurant spacious and comfortable, and I was promptly seated at my choice of a table or booth. Chapati has a very cozy atmosphere that would be conducive to a large group of people, but is also intimate enough to be appropriate for just my friend and I. The environment is relaxed, but remains modern, clean and fun, so much so that my friend and I stuck around to chat on the couches after our meal.

The menu is enormous, which was a bit overwhelming for my first time dining in. My waiter noticed I had been looking at the menu for a  while and politely offered to talk me through their various options, which I appreciated. I ordered the tikka masala and spinach paneer along with chapati, their in house made flatbread. Members of the family that owns the restaurant work there, including two brothers and the mother, whose authentic recipes I was delighted to experience.

After ordering, I chatted with my friend while we gazed at the artwork and interior design. We also enjoyed listening to and watching the South Asian music videos, which made our wait much more enjoyable. I was not too sure what to expect in terms of wait time, but the food arrived surprisingly fast in under ten minutes.

I could tell before the food got to my table that it was going to be delicious just based on the smells coming from the kitchen. It only took a few bites for me to decide to pause my conversation with my friend so that I could focus solely on the food. About halfway through our meal, our waiter returned and politely asked if we needed anything more or if there was anything they could do to ensure we had a good time. He seemed genuinely concerned with whether or not we enjoyed our experience, which made me feel as though we were important and valued customers.

I was not sure what to expect going into Chapati based on its exterior appearance. Chapati is located in the corner of an “L” shaped strip center, which may have spurred an unfair assumption, but I was pleasantly surprised by the high end food and casual experience that I had. Although Chapati does not stand out looking from the outside in, it definitely lands quite high on my list of go to local restaurants because of their authenticity and welcoming environment.

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