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“The Hunger Games: Mockingkjay Part 2”  is the fourth and final movie of the “Hunger Games” series. It was a film filled with moments of tears, smiles and even laughter. The opening scene picks up right where the previous movie left off, with Katniss in the hospital. From reading the book, I knew everything that was going to happen, but it didn’t take away from the anticipation of it all. The movie pulled at your emotions and kept you at the edge of your seat. If I had the chance to change anything about the movie, I wouldn’t change anything because everything was flawless. The ending of the movie had such a bittersweet feeling. It was the scene I was most looking forward to, but also a moment I was dreading. I knew when the final scene started rolling I was going to be in tears because that finally meant this whole franchise was coming to an end. However, the last scene had perfect closure. This movie was everything I had hoped it to be and more.


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