Paint party held at UIndy

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Paint UIndy was held on Smith Mall at the University of Indianapolis, hosted by GlowRage, an international paint party and electronic dance music tour, on Sept. 11. GlowRage was hired by the Campus Program Board to put on the event.

CPB hosted a similar paint party two years ago. Sophomore experience design major and CPB’s live performance chair Jensen Swaim said that the party went over really well, so they decided to throw it again this year, with the help of GlowRage. GlowRage provided the disc jockey’s equipment for the music, the paint and the items they needed to throw the paint onto the students. There was one person to control the music and one person to spray the paint onto the students.

As everyone started showing up on Smith Mall, wearing their white shirts, they came together in a mass of singing and dancing students. The music consisted of mostly current popular songs and some throwbacks, but all were remixed to have more of a dance beat. Some of the newer songs included “Latch” by Sam Smith, “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift. Justin Timberlake’s older hit “Sexy Back” also was played.

Photo by Kameron Casey

Freshman nursing majors Alexa Hogan and Heather Palmer attended the event.

“The atmosphere was great,” Hogan said. “It seemed like everyone who was here wanted to get covered in paint.”

Palmer said she had a great time and would definitely come back if this event is ever organized again.

Neon colors of pink, orange, green and blue flew out onto the students and their white shirts each time the DJ asked the students if they were ready for more paint. The paint was splattered with brushes, squirted out of spray guns and dumped out of buckets. Freshman business administration major Brady Hoffman said he had a great time and recommends that others participate.

“The paint was weird at first, but once you’re already wet, it’s really fun,” Hoffman said. “You’re in the zone.… Most kids who go home on the weekends miss this. That’s why I stay here.”

Swaim was not only in charge of the event but also participated.

“At first, I was skeptical about the paint. But once I was in it, it was great, and it all washed off really easily,” she said.

Swaim also said she would definitely throw this event again but the only thing she would change would be the promotion of the event, so more people would show up.

“I wish more people would have shown up.… Everyone who did had a lot of fun.”

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