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>> Taylor Swift’s new album “1989,” is definitely my favorite album that she has released. From the very first song to the last, this album put me in a great mood, and I have listened to it nonstop since I bought it on Oct. 27. The first song, “Welcome To New York,” is an upbeat start for the album, and it is hard not to dance along. Two of my favorite songs include “Style” and “I Wish You Would.” Swift wrote every song on “1989,” except a few songs with collaboration. A couple of people with whom she collaborated include Imogean Heap and Ryan Tedder. She collaborated with Heap on “Clean,” which is only on the Deluxe Edition sold at Target. Overall, I am extremely happy with this album. I have always been a big fan of Swift, and her transition from country to pop was definitely necessary for this album. Even though it is different from her past albums, it is one of her strongest by far. I look forward to what Swift will do next.


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