Peppy Grill

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>> Peppy  Grill  is  located  in Fountain Square, so you would think the food and service would be promising, but the restaurant did not live up to my expectations. The diner is a very small one, reminding me of the diners that no one goes to in the horror films. No one greeted me upon my arrival, but every individual stared. I have come  to the conclusion that if you are not a regular, they will definitely make it noticeable. I seated myself, and after five minutes of waiting, someone finally brought me a menu. The menu consisted of a very limited selection of breakfast and dinner items, but everything was reasonably priced. For dinner, I ordered a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a Pepsi. The diner had an open kitchen, which in some cases is a great thing but in this case it was not. The waitress brought the food to the table, and I immediately asked for my check, paid for the dinner and left. I love supporting family-owned restaurants, but I will not be making another visit to Peppy Grill.

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