Student vocalists perform ‘Our Favorite Songs’

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The University of Indianapolis music department held its “Evening of Song” in the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center on March 25. The program, entitled “Our Favorite Songs,” was designed to showcase the talents of the music students.

Associate Professor of Music Kathleen Hacker directed the student performances and planned the concert, while pianist Amy Eggleston played the pieces for each student.

The “Evening of Song” consisted of 14 performances. Each performance was a song that inspired the students to start singing. Before each student began his or her performance, he or she gave a brief description of the piece to be sung.

The performances caught the attention of audience member freshman psychology major Danielle Graves.

“The performances were different,” she said. “I like how each student made the selection their own, really performing them well.”

Freshman music major Katie Gajewski, one of the night’s performers, shared her thoughts on the process of the program.

“I feel like we did really well,” she said. “Getting ready for it was all individual work, and then we had a dress rehearsal the weekend before the concert.”

Gajewski said that she and the other students really enjoyed getting to pick the pieces that they sang.

“For some of us, that meant language and for others, that meant a composer they really enjoyed,” she said. “It was a great night for us. We worked hard for it.”

Freshman psychology and elementary education major Logan Jones said that she loved the performances, and it was a nice chance to see how talented these students were.

“I really enjoyed the singing,” Jones said. “I didn’t know that the students were that good. It was cool to see some of the students that I see around campus in their elements, singing so well.”

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