Smokehouse on Shelby

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>>Walking into a restaurant that is empty around dinner time usually worries me. This is usually a red flag, telling me I’d be better off somewhere else. But Smokehouse on Shelby did not disappoint. The menu featured a wide variety of classic barbecue food and had a little something for everyone. I ordered the appetizer sampler, which was a little expensive at $11. It came with sweet barbecue wings, jalapeno poppers and onion rings. The wings were some of the best I have had, with more meat than bone. For dinner, I ordered the Beef Brisket  Sandwich for $9.  The sandwich featured a mound of tender meat and came with two choice sides. For $9, you will not get this much food at this quality anywhere. My one small problem with the restaurant was the lack of variety in the sauces. I feel that a smokehouse should offer a wide variety of high-quality sauces.  The restaurant did however have great food and a nice atmosphere.

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