The Fray: Helios

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“Whatever we stand, wherever we fall, don’t matter at all ‘cause I will be forever yours.” Lyrics like these from “Wherever This Goes” are common from the band The Fray. Fans fell in love with the band when they heard its first hit single “How To Save A Life.” The album opens with “Hold My Hand,” a piano-heavy rapid song that reassures the listener that the band has not left. The album’s first single, “Love Don’t Die,”  has a little bit of an edge that is almost in your face. The next track, “Give It Away,” strays even farther, with a funk I would expect to hear from a band like Fitz and The Tantrums. With a perfect  balance of upbeat jams and slower ballads, “Helios” makes listeners feel like dancing on top of the world one minute and jumping into their loved one’s arms the next. Each track, no matter whether it steps out of its normalcy, works well with the band and proves that The Fray is still capable of making one great album.

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