Spring blooms at the Indiana Flower and Patio Show

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Those eager for spring to begin can find all of the season’s best features at the Indiana Flower and Patio Show. For 66 years, the Flower and Patio Show has provided a space for landscapers to showcase their craft and inspire others, according to a fact sheet provided by Coles Marketing. 

The festivities will kick off with a preview gala called “Noble Evening in the Garden” on March 8 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The event is presented by The National Bank of Indianapolis and hosted by Noble Auxiliary. All proceeds from the event will benefit Noble of Indiana, an organization with a mission to “expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families through individualized services,” according to the organization’s website.

From March 9 to 17, the Indiana State Fairgrounds and Event Center’s West Pavillion and Exposition Hall will display gardens, decks and more, according to the Flower and Patio Show website. Features of the show include the opportunity to ask the Purdue Extension Master Gardeners gardening questions, “Build Your Own Terrarium,” shopping at the Plant Market and drinks at the Oberfields Tulip Tavern.

Eighteen different landscaping companies will be displaying featured gardens, including Heath Outdoor, the parent company of Diggs Garden Center. Amy Lapka, a retail developer for Heath Outdoor, said the company will be displaying a garden and selling retail items at the Flower and Patio Show. According to Lapka, the event allows landscapers to reach the public, and guests have the opportunity to view different styles for their projects.

“The flower and patio show is a great way for guests to just be inspired by what they can do with their spaces,” Lapka said. “There’s always really cool stuff there … I think most people go, not necessarily to pick out a landscaper for a project, but just to get inspiration.”

In addition to landscapes, the Flower and Patio Show will also have gardening experts and floral professionals giving presentations and answering audience questions, according to the fact sheet. Design manager at Banner Flower House Michelle Soupley, has been part of the show periodically since 2006. Soupley said throughout the past couple of years doing stage shows with other florists she has helped people learn about floral design. Show topics this year include floral design in different historical eras and how bouquets are done in other countries, according to Soupley.

“My favorite thing is seeing other florists being involved and getting inspiration,” Soupley said. “They do some really dramatic displays and I just get inspired from it.”

Lapka said the event is inspiring to her as she has a passion for creating environments. According to Lapka, going to the Flower and Patio Show is like a mini adventure because of all the different landscapes; There are plants, trees, fire pits, hot tubs and more on display during the event. The fun thing about the Flower and Patio Show is taking the outside inside, she said.

“It’s inspiring and exciting and gets you ready for the spring,” Lapka said. “If you’re looking forward to warm weather and working in your yard, and you need a little boost of inspiration, this is definitely it.”

Those who do not garden should still attend the show to treat themselves, Soupley said. Going to the Flower and Patio Show allows one to cheat time, according to Soupley, because even if it is gray outside there are blooming flowers on display inside. She said it is fun to go and get a touch of spring.

“In March, it’s really gray and gloomy [in Indiana],” Soupley said. “People are just getting tired of being inside … I would just go to get some color and just some relaxation time,”  According to the website, there will also be a deck-building competition called “Deck Wars”. Tickets can be purchased on the Indiana Flower and Patio Show website.

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