UIndy Studio Theatre presents “A Cabaret: An Artists’ Showcase”

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The University of Indianapolis Studio Theatre is presenting a cabaret to showcase the various talents of UIndy students through songs, performative scenes, stand up comedy, poetry readings and more, said Assistant Professor of Theatre Grant Williams. “A Cabaret: An Artists’ Showcase” will be held Jan. 25-27 at 8 p.m. in the Studio Theatre, which is in the basement of Esch Hall, according to Williams. The showcase costs $10 for anyone not associated with UIndy and Lecture/Performance credit is available for students who attend.

“The Studio Theatre itself will be turned into a cafe theater,” Williams said. “And for people who have tickets, there will be a catered aspect to the event. So people can get coffee, muffins, fruit, popcorn maybe. And people will be sitting at tables with the artist showcase happening.”

Williams said he is hoping to get people in the show who represent different areas of campus like music, English and art to name a few. The goal is this event will be a relaxed night where people can come and have fun. Students should participate as it shows support to the artistry on campus beyond theatre, according to Williams. The goal is to have fun and to get people on campus involved who don’t feel like committing to a big play, Williams said.

“They could continue that kind of experience of being on stage under some lights and enjoying a presentation of that sort. So, it’s like being involved in the theater but without the commitment,” Williams said.

The people performing in the cabaret are working hard to prepare for the event, said sophomore theatre major Rae Cook. Cook said they will be reciting a memorized poem at the cabaret.

“We have a lot of singers, so they’re practicing their songs as well, vocal techniques,” Cook said. 

The cabaret is not prohibited to solo acts, Cook said. If someone wants to showcase something with a group, according to Cook, that is also encouraged. They said that they have been involved with other cabaret’s in the past that had good atmospheres and were overall fun to watch.

“We do a lot of group activities, so if someone’s looking for a way to get more involved on campus, they can absolutely reach out to us or after any of our shows and we would be more than happy to have them join in,” Cook said.

Cook encourages people to come and watch their friends perform as it is something interesting to watch and a way to get more involved with theater. There will be a variety of talent for the whole community to enjoy, Cook said.

“If they really need L/P credit, they should absolutely come. I just like seeing a bunch of different things. There’s people singing songs, there’s poetry, there’s scenes,” Cook said. “If you’re open to new experiences, and if they enjoy a variety of entertainment, it would be something that they would absolutely enjoy. It’s a new experience with the community.”Williams said that any UIndy student wanting to participate who missed the audition can email him at williamsgl@uindy.edu.

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