Family, alumni and friends give back to UIndy through Giving Tuesday

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Giving Tuesday is a global event that many organizations and charities participate in every year, using #givingtuesday to raise awareness for their charities and communities around the world. This year, the University of Indianapolis took part in Giving Tuesday, raising a total of $100,996, according to the university’s Giving Tuesday website. According to UIndy’s website, the money raised will be used for accommodations towards the university and student experience such as different scholarship opportunities, resources within the academic departments, funding service-learning opportunities and student-athlete support. 

According to the Giving Tuesday website, the tradition began in 2012 with one goal in mind: spreading radical generosity. According to the site, radical generosity is not defined by a series of transactions or discrete interactions but rather by solidarity, empathy and the transformative powers within them. The website says their mission is to build a world where generosity is a part of everyday life, and they imagine that world being built on the foundation of shared humanity for one another.

Giving Tuesday enables people from the community, UIndy alumni, family, friends and other donors to give monetary gifts to the university, according to the site. When giving, people are able to specialize their gift to a multitude of different funds available such as the UIndy Fund, the UIndy Scholarship Fund and the fund for UIndy Athletics, Greyhound Club, according to the website for donating to the university. However, they are also able to specialize it to a specific department, sports team or UIndy’s live mascot, Grady, according to Vice President of Advancement Philip Thornton.

According to Thorton, Giving Tuesday is a great reminder for people to give to causes they care about during the holiday season. Following Black Friday, Small-business Saturday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to remind people to also give to their favorite charitable organizations at the same time, Thornton said. 

“[Giving] Tuesday is a great opportunity for people to make an impact across campus or in a very specific way,” Thornton said. “… But we are excited to help alumni, friends and parents to make an impact in their favorite areas across campus.”

With the university motto being “Education for Service,” the drive and support from donations enables students to help others and give back to the community through UIndy student’s service-learning projects, according to the UIndy Giving Tuesday website. The UIndy Alumni Association’s Facebook page highlighted senior Elementary Education student Kaitlyn Brown’s project where she was able to bring new instruments to an elementary school.

According to Thornton, another opportunity for people to donate to the university is through UIndy Day during the month of April. Thornton said he urges students to consider how they are able to give back to their community and university, especially after they have graduated, in order to help others work towards and support their passions.

“But for me, it is exciting to work in the field of advancement because it’s not just about dollars, it’s about connecting people to their passion,” Thornton said. “That is what advancement is really about, and Giving Tuesday is a great vehicle for that and a great, public, exciting way to connect people to their passion on campus.”

Thornton said those who donated make a direct impact to the campus and experience of those who go to the university. Whether a first-time donor, returner, donating to a specific department or the Live Mascot fund, an impact is made, Thornton said.

“I want to say thank you to anyone reading this who did make a gift, whether it be a student, a parent, a friend, a faculty or staff member across campus,” Thornton said. “I just want to say thank you because you know, your gift gets put into action to support the university and our great programs.”

Donations made to the university are processed through the Stierwalt Alumni House. They go towards funding scholarships, service learning opportunities, UIndy Athletics and academic resources. Alumni, friends and family are all encouraged to participate.
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