Garfield Park prepares to host activities for the holiday season

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Garfield Park, one of the oldest parks in Indianapolis, according to Indy Parks, is located less than two miles away from the University of Indianapolis. According to Financial Aid Counselor Lezza Harman-Lineback, who is also a part of the Garfield Park Community, there are several events being hosted from November through December at the park this year. One of these events she said she is looking forward to is the Conservatory Crossing, which is an event where they add some holiday cheer to the conservatory. 

“Conservatory Crossing is running basically from November 24th through the entire month of December and it’s so super fun,” Harman-Lineback said. “They decorate the front area with a train set and a miniature version of the Garfield Park kind of area and surrounding areas. It’s just the normal conservatory with lights and poinsettias in that area.”

According to Garfield Park’s website, this is only one of the events they host for the holiday season. Some of these events include wreath-making on Nov. 29 and “Santa at the Conservatory” on Dec. 9. According to Harman-Lineback if students want to get involved the park is always looking for volunteers.

“We always need volunteers at these events. There’s always things to do if you’re interested at all in the arts that would be a really good event to volunteer for,” Harman-Lineback said. “But if you’re not interested in volunteering, just be a guest if you want to just observe and enjoy the art or the amenities in our neighborhood and Garfield parks. Most of the events are free. There are a few things that I mentioned um like the conservatory crossing that does cost but almost everything else is free and everyone is welcome.”

Harman-Lineback said that there are plenty of amenities for students and members of the community to enjoy at the park, most being of no cost. Some of these features include a family center which includes a gymnasium as well as workout rooms and a pool that is available for use in the summer as well and the art center she said. 

“We have a sunken garden that we’re working on right now because it’s a historic part of the park, it’s called the Sunken Garden and it has. Fountains and lights and the actual Sunken Garden part, the grasses and the trees and all of that is still there. They’re not really messing with that,” Harman-Lineback said. “They’re just redoing the fountains right now. And so that’s a huge project that an organization that’s called Friends of Garfield Park is working on right now.”

This bridged walkway is located in the center of Garfield Park overlooking a free flowing creek. One of the many bridged walkways on the property, this bridge contributes scenic views while at the park.
Photo by Nicholas Varanelli

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