UIndy’s caLUB offers weekly STEM Cafe to students

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The University of Indianapolis Community for the Advancement of Learning and Understanding Biology hosts a weekly science, technology, engineering and mathematics cafe in Ruth Lilly Science Hall. The STEM Cafe offers students refreshments and a space to relax, according to UIndy CaLUB Co-President and junior pre-med biology major Simone Wickware. 

“The STEM Cafe is our weekly hours to chill out, hang out in the lobby, we have cookies, tea and hot chocolate,” Wickware said. “Typically we just watch a movie and do plant giveaways.”

Wickware said the STEM Cafe is a space for introverted students to hang out with interests in biology. According to Wickware, the small space the event is offered in caters towards more introverted students.

“It is offered for students who are more introverted because it is a really small lobby,” Wickware said. “We’re plant oriented, animal oriented, [and visit] just to destress and feel a little bit homey.”

According to CaLUB Secretary and junior pre-med biology major Madison Elliott, the STEM Cafe was a way to discover biology. Elliott said it was also a way to meet new people on campus

“[STEM Cafe] is how I discovered biology,” Elliott said. “I work in a lab, and then I started coming to the STEM Cafe every Thursday, and they said, ‘Hey, do you want to join?’” 

Elliott said that the STEM Cafe is an opportunity for students to also learn more about  Lilly Science Hall. The club allows students to see the more hidden parts of Lilly Science Hall according to Elliott.

“I feel like if you are not a science major, you are not in Lilly a lot,” said Elliott. “People do not know how cool it is because we have all the animals which are fun to look at.”

The STEM Cafe can also help students join the UIndy CaLUB if interested, according to Wickware. Elliott said because she frequently went to the STEM Cafe, she was offered a position on the UIndy CaLUB

“There are job opportunities here as well. The staffing is homey and really close in a sense,” Wickware said. “If you need a job, we got you.”

According to Wickware, the STEM Cafe will offer more snacks, desserts, movies and Legos for future events. In the future, the STEM Cafe is going to have more seasonal decorations and will even have a tie-dye contest according to Elliott.

“Right now we’re in the middle of taking down our February theme, which was Valentine’s Day and Black History Month, then we’re going to be putting up St. Patrick’s Day and Women’s History Month,” said Elliott. “We have a tie dye event coming up on the ninth that will be first floor Lilly, for people to come to.”

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