UIndy Intramural sports changes

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The University of Indianapolis’ intramural sports have started up again for the upcoming semester. The program has introduced new software to its processes, as well as new social media initiatives to enhance the program’s promotions, according to sophomore sports management major and Intramurals Coordinator Ethan Hite. The program has created an Instagram account for updates about registrations and upcoming events for the semester in addition to team highlights. 

The new program software, IMLeagues, was used in previous years for intramurals, according to Hite. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic and restarting much of the programming, the software was recently brought back for this semester. The previous methods used for intramurals included Google Forms and QR codes as well as email updates for team members. Hite said the transition to IMLeagues created a more streamlined process for people to sign up for teams and input information. 

“The software allows us to put everybody’s teams, everybody’s schedule, everybody’s scores all in one place,” Hite said. “It makes it a lot easier to find things and we can do a lot more with it that we couldn’t do last semester.”

Intramurals introducing an Instagram profile is also a way to highlight different events and expected tournaments, according to junior sports management major and Intramurals Social Media and Marketing Manager Marcel Atisso. The initiative to enhance social media presence is an effort meant to attract participants and show the UIndy community the opportunities offered by intramurals, Atisso said. With UIndy located in the city, people can find a way to get involved with sports in an area that does not allow as much physical activity for those not committed to
sports teams at the university, Atisso said. 

“This is a really good program that we’re trying to build… [We have] a lot of people just go to school and they don’t really have much else to do because we’re kind of in the city,” Atisso said. “I feel like it’s another escape from school and from stress, to have another avenue to meet people and stuff like that.”

According to Hite, with the increase in social media presence, part of the plan for expanding outreach includes weekly email news notifications and posts on the UIndy app channel. Hite said the program is a way for people to get out of their dorms and have fun with friends.

“It’s a great time too; we’re here on campus most weekday nights,” Hite said. “And usually we don’t want people to just kind of sit in their dorms. We want people coming out and having fun.”

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