UIndy men’s basketball 2022-23 season preview

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The University of Indianapolis men’s basketball team is entering this season as the Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC) preseason favorite, according to the GLVC Sports website. With a record of 19-11 overall last season, the team went over .500 and competed in the GLVC final, according to UIndy Athletics. The team came up short in the GLVC final against Missouri St. Louis last season.

The Greyhounds were up in the first half of the GLVC final by 18 points at one point, according to UIndy Men’s Basketball Head Coach Paul Corsaro. Having been so close to a victory, Corsaro said it serves as a motivator for the team. Finishing became a focal point for the team.

“I think it motivates us,” Corsaro said. “Starting last spring into the summer and the preseason, the word [for us] is finish.” 

Focusing on the offseason and what preparation has led up to this season, the team did something different this offseason to help them with finishing. Senior guard Ben Nicoson said the team had a change in routine. 

“As a team, we’ve gotten a lot stronger in the weight room right after last season’s last loss,” Nicoson said. “That was a big emphasis, coming into the postseason. Over the summer, just getting in the weight room as much as possible, lifting heavy weights and getting some mass on our bodies so that we can go out there and compete at the highest level.”

Senior Ben Nicoson brings the ball up the court for the Greyhounds. Last season, the University of Indianapolis men’s basketball team finished the season with 19 wins total.
Photo contributed by Jacob Walton/UIndy Athletics

A lot of the focus for the team is centered around finishing and making the pieces they have fit and work, Corsaro said. Each year that passes the team changes, but with this year, in particular, the rotation is one to pay attention to, according to Corsaro.

“I think the main thing in addition to finishing is we have a lot of returners but we have returners in new roles,” Corsaro said. “We have a lot of guys that played a lot of minutes for us returning last year, but we lost Corey Miller and Dee Montgomery… By their losses, that shifts those returners into leadership roles into playing more minutes than they are accustomed to and maybe even different positions…”

Having addressed the key needs for the team to work on together, the focus then shifts to what goals this team has for themselves, according to Nicoson.

Still being mindful of the steps it takes to reach the championships and achieving their goals, being patient and taking it one step at a time is something Corsaro said he wants the team to follow.

“We want to win the GLVC. Focus on one thing at a time. Our first order of business is going to be to win the GLVC regular season…,” Corsaro said. “That’s a given if you want to [be a] competitor , you know that wouldn’t be a goal if you weren’t a competitor, but we got to focus on the steps to get there. And since it will be one thing at a time, the thing in front of us first and foremost is going to be the regular season. That’s going to be your main focus right now.”

The first game of the season for the Greyhounds is Nov. 11 against Ohio Dominican at Nicoson Hall/Ray Skillman Court, according to UIndy Athletics. Corsaro said he likes the potential his team has.

“I really like the potential of this group,” Corsaro said. “We have good talent. We have great character. We just have to stick with the process and not get complacent.”

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