The Fellowship of Christian Athletes at UIndy looks to help athletes grow in their faith

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Looking to grow in their faith, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at the University of Indianapolis is an opportunity for athletes on campus to strengthen their faith, according to senior cross country runner AJ Goecker. The FCA is Bible based, and focuses on how athletes can apply it to their daily lives and athletics. Goecker is a leader in the student-run group while being a student-athlete.

“It’s [FCA] a very biblically founded approach, looking at some of the lessons that we can apply not only as athletes…,” Goecker said. “And kind of being role models within our sports, and how we take our faith and use it in action.”

Junior volleyball middle blocker Hannah Sabotin has been part of the group since the second semester of freshman year, and she has found a community in the FCA since joining, she said. 

“[FCA] has really given me a sense of community on campus…,” Sabotin said. “I came from a private Lutheran school, so it’s easy to go to college and not have that same sense of community around you. And this has given [me] support from other teams, other people that I wouldn’t have met outside of [the] volleyball team.”

Goecker said he has also felt this sense of community. Additionally, Goecker said he has found that the group is able to communicate with each other differently from a usual Christianity class. 

“It’s nice being friends with every single person in there; a lot of them are runners as well which is kind of easy because we have our community of runners there then also there at FCA…,” Goecker said. “It’s pretty laid-back, like we’re friends that are kind of more having a conversation rather than an educational approach to Christianity.”

The FCA meets on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. in the Health Pavilion on UIndy’s campus, according to Sabotin. The late start time is in order to help athletes combat their busy schedule, Goecker said. Similarly, the meetings allow for an opportunity for student athletes to have a midweek day to relax and converse with fellow Christians. 

Sabotin said that the group has been able to benefit her for athletics too. Similarly, the FCA is a supportive group according to Sabotin.

“[FCA is] people supporting you… all athletes go through different struggles like mental blocks,” Sabotin said. “There’s pregame anxiety…meeting with people who understand that I struggle and they can help you [and] support you through your faith [which] is really helpful. They can pray for you and give you advice.”

Those looking to join the FCA can do so by getting in contact with leaders by email like Goecker, or senior track and field thrower Jacob Brouse,

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is at a meeting where they are looking at scripture. The FCA meets in a classroom in the upstairs area of the Health Pavilion at the University of Indianapolis campus. The meetings are held later in the evening for their convenience.
Photo by Lindsey Wormuth

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