The Reflector celebrates 100 years of news

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The first issue of The Reflector was published on Nov. 15, 1922. Now, 100 years later, we continue to bring you campus and local news on a biweekly basis. This newspaper has been brought to you by students for almost as long as the campus has existed, from the early days of Indiana Central College to today at the University of Indianapolis, following the university’s constant changes.

In our first issue, The Reflector addressed its readers directly to describe its purpose on campus, saying in that open letter, “it is my purpose to visit the students, ex-students, graduates, and other friends of the College twice a month, and keep them informed of the progress here and tell all I can that will be of interest.” Those words remain true to this day, but our mission has evolved to fit the modern era, as covering the news has changed and adapted. Our goal is always to accurately inform the UIndy community and capture and retain the events of our history, but we also seek to uphold the highest standards of professional practice and ethical conduct. The Reflector also is dedicated to publishing articles online between issues whenever necessary, ensuring that our readers have access to the news, both online and in print.

As this newspaper has grown alongside the university, its staff has consistently reported on the many changes on this campus, including name changes, new buildings, the population of students, tuition increases, new presidents and more. In doing so, The Reflector has worked tirelessly to actively document UIndy’s history as it happens. As part of our 100-year celebrations, our print issues also will include reflections of our past issues and the different historical events that have occurred at UIndy during the course of the newspaper’s existence. 

The Reflector always will be focused on providing the community with fair and accurate reporting. Our purpose is to inform the UIndy community, whether the news is positive or negative. When there is something happening on campus, The Reflector will report on it. This newspaper serves this community. We encourage our readers to write to us, whether in the form of comments, emails or letters to the editor, and let us know how we can do better.

Although The Reflector staff is constantly changing, the passion all of these students have for journalism and this university remains as it has for a century. We hope that this newspaper continues to serve the UIndy community for many years to come. As we celebrate a century of news at UIndy, we hope you will celebrate with us by engaging with the newspaper in print or online whenever you have the opportunity. Thank you for reading our newspaper and being a constant part of our journey.

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