Senior Send-off 2021: Dashanee Hunter

My experience at the University of Indianapolis was not traditional. I decided to transfer my sophomore year to be closer to my family and friends. Going into my first semester, I was a music major, just as I had been at Indiana State University. To my surprise, it was taught at a pace that was harder for me because I did not have the required musical training. After two years as a music major, I decided to look for other career opportunities. 

I talked to my advisor, who helped me a lot during my time at UIndy. Based on my interests, she thought that I should give communication a try. The next semester, I was in an entirely new department. I used to be shy and stayed in the background, but in communication, that was not possible. But I soon realized that the friends who surrounded me sincerely wanted me to succeed. 

Some of the things I did in the communication department included working for The Reflector, Top Dog Communication and WICR. These courses helped me figure out what path I wanted to take when I graduated, which I discovered was public relations. The experience I gained from these courses helped me become a well-rounded communicator. 

Some of the things that I will miss after graduation are Welcome Week and the fun activities that are put on for the students. I also will miss the Homecoming Gala that happens during Homecoming weekend. Last year, the gala was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and my friends and I were looking forward to that, but I know that the university did what was necessary to keep students safe. The Midnight Breakfast before finals week is something that I will remember for the rest of my life, too. During my first year here, I remember asking a friend “What is Midnight Breakfast?” He said, “Breakfast at midnight to help us study for finals.” I thought it was the coolest thing about this school. 

All-in-all, UIndy has brought me many ups and downs, but I have learned a lot more than I ever imagined. I am so thankful for my friends and family, and the communication and music faculty, who helped get me to where I wanted to be. Without these people, I would not be anywhere near the finish line for an undergraduate degree.

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