Can you keep a secret?: The Reflector’s staff shares their guilty pleasure songs

A guilty pleasure is something that someone enjoys doing, even if it may be embarrassing or shameful to admit it. Guilty pleasures can come in many forms, including music. 

Everyone on The Reflector’s editorial staff went around and revealed what songs they consider to be their “guilty pleasures” and now we are prepared to broadcast them to the world. Check out the songs’ The Reflector’s staff chose and embrace your guilty pleasures.

“Gotta Go My Own Way” by Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron (From the “High School Musical 2″ Original Soundtrack)

“Let me set the scene: It is 2008. I’m in third grade and I’ve just finished watching a ‘High School Musical’ Marathon on Disney Channel and I am obsessed with High School Musical and ‘Gotta Go My Own Way’ in particular. Fast forward to today, and this the first song I actually remember listening to and still remember it to this day. At 22-years-old, I am a little scared to admit I still listen to this song, but it’s such a bop. It is a perfect song for when you’re feeling down and when I just need a chance to remember that sometimes ‘I’ve got to move on and be who I am’ and go my own way.” – Noah Crenshaw | Editor-in-Chief

“Dancing Queen” by Abba

“This is just an all around feel good song. No matter the occasion, if this comes on I definitely will be screaming at the top of my lungs.” – Taylor Strnad | Managing Editor

“Worldwide” by Big Time Rush

“I don’t care what people say, Big Time Rush were one of the best boy bands from the early 2010s and I stand by that. ‘Worldwide’ was my absolute favorite song at the time it came out and I would play it on repeat all the time. Plus the scene from the show *spoilers* when it was centered around Jo leaving Kendall to go shoot that movie? Tears. And Logan technically got a solo in that song, so having my favorite member at the time get a solo, perfection. As someone who learned to own their music tastes after years of people telling me my music taste is ‘weird’ and never being allowed to have the aux cord, this was hard to pick. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll scream singing this with my fellow Rushers.” – Kiara Conley | News Editor

“Brothers in Blood” by Cris Velasco (From the God of War III: Original Soundtrack)

“This is a part of the original soundtrack for one of my favorite games of all time: God of War 3. The reason it is a guilty pleasure is not because of the raw power behind the song, but the reason I listen to it. It is one of those songs I will listen to in the gym in order to brew up anger before a big lift. The orchestral soundtrack just brews raw power and strength and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. But every time someone asks me in the gym what I’m listening to, and it happens to be this song or another one from the God of War OSTs, I can’t help but feel weird.” – Jacob Walton | Sports Editor & Photo Editor

Ray of Light” by Madonna

“I am not a Madonna fan by any means, but somehow this song worked it’s way into my Spotify queue and captivated me. The beat works perfectly with Madonna’s vocals and it will worm it’s way into your ear. Listen to it once and you’ll be humming it all day. ‘Ray of Light’ WILL take you along for the ride on it’s journey across the universe.” – Nathan Herbst | Opinion Editor

“What I’m Made Of” by Crush 40 (From the “Sonic Heroes” Original Soundtrack)

“The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is usually not looked at in high regards. From the ‘interesting’ fanbase to the glitchy games, the series has had its fair share of ups and many downs. However, many people agree that the series has good music, which applies to this song from the game ‘Sonic Heroes.’ 

This song plays during the final boss fight and is perfect for pumping you up while you defeat the final boss of the game. The guitar at the beginning never fails to make me smile and the lyrics are very uplifting. This was my favorite song from the franchise when I was in my Sonic phase a few years ago (okay, I’m still somewhat of a fan today, just not as much). I listened to this song all the time, and listening to it now just fills me with nostalgia. Even if I’m not as big of a fan as I used to be, I still think ‘What I’m Made Of’ is a great, exciting song, perfect for when I’m tackling a huge task or just feeling nostalgic.” – Hallie Gallinat | Entertainment Editor

“Come On Eileen” by Dexys Midnight Runners

“I once added this song to a road trip playlist, and when it came on, everyone else in the car instantly said ‘skip!’ With that said, I can’t help but love it. That fiddle solo in the intro followed by the drums and the hook, it gets me pumped every time. But suffice it to say, this is definitely a ‘roll the windows up’ kind of song.” – Noah Fields | Feature Editor

“Merry-Go-Round of Life” by Joe Hisaishi (From the “Howl’s Moving Castle” Original Soundtrack)

“It’s a magical song to fill my ears with joy and it eases any worries as it acts as an escape from the world.” – Madison Gomez | Online Editor

“I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift

“This song is what I believe the children refer to as ‘a bop,’ certifiably. I grew up listening to Taylor Swift, she’s one of my mom’s favorite artists. Thus, I am familiar with all of her music, even from before she was picked up by a label. I always enjoyed her, but I’ve never been much of a country guy, so when she transitioned to pop with this absolute banger, I was elated to say the least.

Now, the reason I would consider this a guilty pleasure is because this song came out when I was a 16 year old boy in high school. If I got caught listening to Taylor Swift, I would have ended up in even more lockers than I already was. Essentially, I would have been bullied for it. Now as a fully fledged adult transitioning out of university, I can guiltlessly march forward saying that Taylor Swift is a queen and an icon, and ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ is *chef’s kiss*.” – Ethan Gerling | Art Director

“Show Yourself” by Idina Menzel and Evan Rachel Wood (From the “Frozen 2” Original Soundtrack)

“While I wouldn’t say I’m embarrassed that I like the song itself because it’s an amazing song, I am embarrassed by how much I listen to it, and how emotional I get every time. It doesn’t help that it’s a song from a Disney movie with a talking snowman. But, it’s just such a beautiful, powerful song from the best moment in the movie. It really means a lot to me. What can I say? I’m soft.” – Olivia Cameron | Business Manager

“Wannabe” by Spice Girls

“The ultimate girl power anthem. Who needs a man when you have your friends? From their golden harmonies to the zig-a-zig-as, the Spice Girls transports back into the 90s with this catchy uptempo pop song. It’s the song you secretly scream at the top of your lungs in the car or dance like nobody’s watching.’” – Giselle Valentin | Distribution Manager

“Life’s a Happy Song” by The Muppets

“I am a HUGE muppets fan. A lot of their songs are bops and this one is no different! I listen to this song more than I’d like to admit. It’s super catchy and honestly gets me through a hard day. I sing it every time I find myself in a predicament — which is a lot.” – Jazlyn Gomez | Editorial Assistant

“SexyBack” by Justin Timberlake

“This song is absolutely awful but it’s just so good. The beat is mediocre and the lyrics are dumb (who said sexy left?), but it’s so catchy. I turn it all the way up every time it comes on shuffle.” – Kassandra Darnell | Editorial Assistant Check out the playlist below to hear our staff’s song picks.

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