Alternative grading system will not be used at UIndy for fall semester

The University of Indianapolis will not be using an alternative grading for the Fall 2020 semester, according to Professor of Teacher Education Greta Pennell. Instead, the deadline for withdrawing from a class has been extended to Nov. 20, according to Pennell. This decision was made by the Faculty Senate during a meeting on Oct. 20. 

“The [Faculty] Senate discussed and decided to keep the standard pre-COVID[-19] grading practices that we’ve had at UIndy for all of the 24 years I’ve been here,” Pennell said in a statement to The Reflector. “The only change that was approved was to extend the deadline for withdrawals (administrative and student initiated).”

Pass/fail and alternative grading are being offered this semester, but students must elect for the course to be graded this way and it must fall under certain guidelines, according to the registrar’s website. Only one course each semester may be elected to have alternative grading, according to the website.  

According to Pennell, there are no special or alternative grading options available this semester. Alternative grading is being used the same way this semester as in the past, with the only change being the deadline to elect for pass/fail being extended to Nov. 20, according to Pennell.

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