15 Binge-Worthy shows and movies during quarantine

On Monday March 23, Gov. Holcomb issued everyone to stay at home during this coronavirus pandemic until April 7. So, as we spend a few more weeks in quarantine, sitting on our couches and flipping through streaming services, I wanted to share a few of my favorite shows with you that are definitely binge-worthy. 


The Walking Dead – Following a group of people trying to get through a zombie apocalypse for 10 seasons, this show has no lack of excitement that will keep you on your feet. My only warning – it’s very bloody. 

Schitt’s Creek – The Roses, a family of four are only used to the good things in life. After losing all their money, they are left with one thing: a small town by the name of Schitt’s creek. If you enjoy dry humor, start streaming this one on your TV. 

Friends From College – A group of friends from college all end up in New York City 20 years later, what could possibly go wrong? Lies, affairs and deceit all take place within this friend group, and the plot twists never seem to end.

Northern Rescue – One of the Baldwin brothers takes the lead in this show, acting as a single father to three children after his wife died suddenly. Trying to start a new beginning, they move to a new town, into an old aquarium and adopt a pet penguin. Beware – This show will tug on all your heartstrings. 

The Haunting of Hill House – The title is self-explanatory. A big family, a dead mom and a haunted house. Be prepared for this one, you might have to cover your eyes during some parts, but you won’t regret watching it, and you will be begging for season two. 


Awkward. – Even though the show ended in 2016, it’s still good entertainment. A bully, oblivious parents and the hottest boy in school follow teenager Jenna Hamilton as she deals with all the things life throws at her. 

One Tree Hill – An oldie, but a goodie. You will get emotionally attached to these characters as they go through all the ups and downs of high school and relationships. Plus, you get to watch Chad Michael Murray on your screen for 9 seasons. 

Jersey Shore – If you like shows with way more drama than necessary, this is the one for you. Share your day with Snooki, JWOW, Vinny, Pauly, Sammi, Ronni, and of course, Mike The Situation. These celebrities and their actions will guarantee you to feel a little better about yourself. 

Good Girls – Three women rob a grocery store without getting caught. As they continue to try and ease their financial burdens, little do they know what they have really gotten themselves into. 

Bob’s Burgers – This is a show like no other. Bob runs his own burger joint with his wife Linda along with the help of his three kids Tina, Louise and Gene. If you’re in for a good laugh, this is binge-worthy. 


TV Shows

Boy Meets World – Follow the life of Cory Matthews through middle school until college through 7 full seasons. This show started in the early 90’s, and is definitely a throwback for some of us. 

The Proud Family – This one brings me back to my childhood. Penny Proud goes through junior high with the help of her parents, Trudy and Oscar and her grandma, Sugar Mama. It’s definitely a good pick for the family and some light animated humor. 


Aladdin (2019) – I haven’t watched the original Aladdin in a few years, but with the help of Will Smith playing the genie, it brought back a lot of memories. If you haven’t seen the magic carpet come to real life yet, watch it. 

Dan in Real Life – Steve Carrell never, and I mean never, fails to disappoint me. Playing a single dad with three daughters that always blame him for everything, he seems to get caught in a love triangle – with his brother. A great pick for movie night.

Inside Out – 11-year-old Riley is going through a hard time, and her emotions speak for her – literally. This movie is great for any age and will really bring out your emotions, too.

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