NCAA cancels Winter and Spring championships

The NCAA has announced the cancellation of all Winter and Spring championships. This includes the Division 2 Men’s Basketball Tournament that was supposed to be held at the University of Indianapolis on March 14 to March 17. Prior to this, UIndy Events sent out an email regarding the tournament stating that the general public would not be allowed to be in attendance at the regional tournament. 

The decision was based upon concerns over COVID-19. The NCAA hopes to not spread the disease further than it has spread so far, according to the statement the NCAA released.

“Although this is an NCAA decision, it aligns with the university’s stance on practicing social distancing in order to prevent community spread of the virus,” Scott Young, senior associate athletic director for compliance at UIndy said in a statement. “We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these uncertain times and realize these measures may pose a necessary inconvenience to many of you.” 

Practices and games are continuing to take place as scheduled by coaches. 

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