Women’s basketball team hopes to defy GLVC preseason poll

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After being ranked 11th in the GLVC preseason poll, the University of Indianapolis Women’s Basketball team has plans to improve this season according to Head Women’s Basketball Coach Kristin Wodrich.

She said she does not talk about the poll to the players and prefers to go off the team’s performance in the previous season and she hasn’t openly discussed the ranking with anyone.

 “I don’t want our girls to think that’s where we are, because that’s not where we are,” Wodrich said. “We have to keep getting better every day.”

The Hounds finished last season with an 11-17 record and so far this season, have started out with a 6-1 record according to UIndy Athletics, ranked third now in the GLVC. Senior guard Laura Thomas said that the players do take some stock in the ranking.

“We take [the ranking] as a little bit of motivation going into the GLVC and non-conference games and regional games as well,” Thomas said. “Just giving us some motivation to work hard, play together and ultimately be better than the pre-season poll that we were given.”

Photo by Kiara Conley Senior guard Laura Thomas celebrates after a play. On Nov. 20, the hounds played Cedarville University Yellow Jackets losing 55 to 60 giving the Hounds their only loss of the season so far. Thomas was third on the team in points with 12 playing 33 minutes in the game.

Thomas said she strives to bring her individual abilities to the court by improving communication during play.

“Leading vocally on the court is something that we can continue to get better at,” Thomas said. “That’s something that I bring to the table, as well, that I have to do every single day.”

According to Wodrich and Thomas, players are expected to put in additional work outside of practice and games. Wodrich said that independent practice is entirely voluntary, but players are still expected to come to practice prepared and in shape.  

Wodrich said that one of the team’s big goals moving forward is to make the conference tournament this year. 

She said new players this season will be able to fill gaps in terms of getting rebounds, stronger defense and a faster pace of play. She said working on technical aspects and building morale will also improve the team’s performance.

“Definitely our turnovers, really working on our fundamentals,” Wodrich said. “Being able to get more possessions and just focusing on our standards and our core values and growing them not only players but as women.”

In addition to making the conference tournament, Thomas said another big goal was simply improving over how the team has performed before. 

According to Thomas, achieving this will come down to individual effort in addition to the effort players put in practice.

“Success looks a lot different for everybody, but success in our eyes is getting better every single day,” Thomas said. “So, if we can come into the gym and we can do that, then I think we’re going to like the results.”

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