Hanni and Hiatt family members reflect on their past as Greyhounds

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The four pillars that tower over the North entrance to Good Hall represent some of the core values of the University of Indianapolis. According to UIndy360, the columns stand for inquiry, innovation, leadership and service. On Sept. 28, each of the Good Hall pillars were honored with names of influential Greyhounds. 

One of the pillars was named after the Hanni and Hiatt families who have the most family members to attend UIndy, totaling almost 40 students. The Hiatt family has been a part of the university since 1927. The Hanni family saw their first Greyhound, Larry Hanni, graduate in 1958.

Larry Hanni: Post graduation

After 61 years, University of Indianapolis alumnus Larry Hanni reflects fondly on his time at UIndy. Larry first came to the university as a basketball recruit. After graduating he became involved in the Indianapolis sports scene for 50 years. 

Angus Nicoson, the namesake of Nicoson Hall, recruited Larry Hanni in high school when UIndy was called Indiana Central College. By graduation, Larry Hanni was able to build connections to secure a job with the help of the well-connected Nicoson. From there, Larry Hanni worked in public education for 50 years and for the NFL for 32 years. 

Larry Hanni said he looks fondly back at his time at Indiana Central College, as it led him to many connections after graduation. From coaching sports, to teaching, to directing athletics and facilities, Larry Hanni has been involved in public education for much of his post collegiate time. Larry Hanni also manned the clock for Indianapolis games, including the Super Bowl XLVI.

“When the Colts came to town, obviously the NFL was looking for people,” Larry Hanni said. “I was selected as the play clock operator…. When you’re working a game, you’re part of the officiating crew with the people on the field and you’re in the timing booth.”

Larry Hanni said that having his family named on one of the Good Hall pillars was an honor for him and his family because of their relation to UIndy. He said that this humbling honor is close to him as Good Hall was the main building on campus while he was a student.

Returning to the UIndy, Larry Hanni now serves on the Greyhound Club board of directors, Hall of Fame committee and is the senior associate athletic director for development. He can often be seen at athletic events, Larry Hanni said, visiting the office of Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development Matt Donovan, or attending musical productions.

“I have found that if you have a degree from Indiana Central or the University of Indianapolis, [it] will not promise you a job, but having a degree from UIndy will get you an interview,” Larry Hanni said. “I think that’s so important because the University of Indianapolis is so fondly recognized both in the business world and the education world.”

By Madison Gomez | Opinion Editor

Ted and Ethan Maple: Brothers

The Hiatt family has had multiple generations of University of Indianapolis graduates including Ted Maple (‘96) and his younger brother and Professor of Religion Ethan Maple (‘02). The Maple brothers grew up on and around campus because both of their parents are UIndy graduates and their father, Stephen Maple (‘66), returned to the university to teach in the School of Business, according to Ted Maple.

“My dad still teaches there,” Ted Maple said. “We went to church there at University Heights United Methodist [Church]. My mom worked at the nursery school there [UHUMC]. We went to campus every week, whether it was to swim at the Ruth Lilly building or to go to a football or basketball game. We ate in the cafeteria every week after church, so the campus itself and the school mean a great deal to us.”

Ted Maple said that because he grew up watching the campus grow and expand, he and his wife Johanna Maple (‘94) support the university and are excited to see where UIndy goes in terms of its future.

Ethan Maple said from what UIndy poured into the generations that attended before him and the commitment his parents had to the university while they were students has continued to set the course for his call in life and in ministry.

“I think that one of the amazing things about the University of Indianapolis is the community that it creates,” Ethan Maple said. “Not just while you’re on campus, but that community continues throughout your career and your life, and our family’s an example of that…. I think that community should not be overlooked or ignored and the power it has even beyond graduation to continue [in] your role and your responsibilities.”

Ted Maple said that he continues to benefit from the education he got from UIndy and that the entire Hiatt family owes a great deal to it. Ethan Maple said that he is really proud of the legacy of the Hiatt family and that the Good Hall pillar honoring was very special.

By Justus O’Neil | Feature Editor

Sarah Maple: Years of caring

University of Indianapolis graduate Sarah Maple said that her family being honored with the naming of one of the Good Hall pillars at the President’s Lunch & Founders Day Celebration was very gratifying. At the celebration, Sarah Maple said that some of her cousins and one of her sons came to the unveiling, she thought the honor was neat.

“The Hiatts started coming in the 1920s, so most of those on the list are no longer with us but it was nice to have that recognizing the time that they were here,” Sarah Maple said.

Sarah Maple graduated from UIndy in 1969 and studied English Education. She was also the News Editor for The Reflector for two years and then the Editor-in-Chief for one year. After leaving UIndy, Sarah Maple taught at the high school level for four years. She said that after having her own children, she realized how important early childhood was.

“I decided to shift directions and work in early childhood, so besides raising my four sons I was the director of the childcare across the street here [University Heights United Methodist Church] and I started childcare in two other churches on the south side,” Sarah Maple said. “So, I retired as a childcare director.”

Sarah Maple said that she felt comfortable and knew what to expect while she attended UIndy because she has been coming to the campus since her parents graduated from the university. She also said that she liked the smaller campus size and that she had a good experience while at UIndy.

“I feel like I got a good experience, a good education and it was the right place for me,” Sarah Maple said.

By Kiara Conley | Online Editor

Cary Hanni: Back to UIndy

A graduate of the class of 1969, Cary Hanni is one of 17 Hanni family members that have attended the University of Indianapolis.

During his time at the University as an undergrad, Cary Hanni studied mathematics in pursuit of a career in education just like many others from the Hanni family, Cary Hanni said. 

Along with his academics, Cary Hanni was also a student-athlete as a member of the golf team for all four years of his college career. As a Greyhound golfer, he found a friend for life in his coach.

“[My fondest memories are of] the people I’ve met. My best friend for life was and is my college golf coach,” Cary Hanni said. “I still have some friends that I go out for breakfast or dinner with periodically. But I think my fondest memories [are] related to the people that I met there [at UIndy] and the things we’ve done together.”

Once he graduated, he found a career in education for a year, but soon returned to UIndy to work in admissions. He said that his time in admissions was some of his favorite because he was able to the opportunities the university provides to students.

“I never saw any difference in how they were treated or in their progress in getting through university,” Cary Hanni said. “I just think that the university just made wonderful opportunities for people who had changed their lives.”

Cary Hanni then went to medical school and started a family. Two of his children attended UIndy including his son who graduated from the nursing program and one of his daughters who graduated with two degrees in German and music.

“I think they chose [to attend UIndy]. I have three other children [that] didn’t go there. So I don’t think there was pressure on them to go there or anything,” Cary Hanni said. “I’m glad they went there and I was proud that they attended.”

Now Cary Hanni is retired and has moved back to Indianapolis from Evansville, Indiana, to be closer to family but still performs surgery in southern Illinois on a monthly basis. He said it has been an honor to have the Hanni family connected to UIndy.

“It’s a lot of tradition. We carry a lot of pride because of it,” Cary said. “We’ve always been thankful for the relationship we’ve had [with] the university and the fact we’ve had so many people take advantage of the educational opportunities and we’ve met a lot of friends, it was great.” 

By Jacob Walton | Sports Editor
Graphic by Tony Reeve

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