“Frozen 2” Movie Review

In 2013, “Let it Go” was the song that seemed to be blasting over every radio station in the country as the film “Frozen” became a household name. The first film not only had great bops, but also a relatable storyline and characters. Going into see “Frozen 2,” I personally was skeptical that it would not live up to the expectations of the first film, given that it has won several awards including an Academy Award, an Oscar, a People’s Choice, and a Golden Globe and has a large fan base. After seeing the film, I was shocked that I found myself saying the second film was better than the first.

The story revolves more around how Elsa gained her powers. Viewers are reintroduced to the five main characters Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf Viewers are also introduced to new characters such as Queen Iduna, King Agnarr, Lt. Mathias, Bruna, Honeymaren, Ryder and Yelena. The story takes place three years after the first.

Not only are there amazing new songs in the film, but this film has a better ending than the first. While in the first film the ending seemed too rushed, the ending to this film put a nice bow on each character’s lives. Be prepared to bring tissues. I, who rarely ever gets emotional during films, was crying in the middle of the theater. What I also love about this film is how the writers matured the characters, Anna specifically. The writers kept her playful side in tact, but they also focused on her growing as a leader.

Another aspect of this film that I really enjoyed was the fact that Anna and Elsa both wore pants. This is huge because prior to this, the only two Disney Princesses to wear pants were Jasmine and Mulan. By having both Anna and Elsa wear pants in this movie demonstrates how filmmakers are in a sense catching up to modern female fashion. Plus, Elsa lets her hair completely down, which is another reason to go see this film because that was a serious style moment.

Overall, this film was highly entertaining and really achieved the goal of concluding Elsa and Anna’s story. This film made me laugh, cry and laugh again which is a clear indicator that it tugs on the heartstrings of viewers.

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