Joe’s Shelby Street Diner Review

Dining in at Joe’s Shelby Street Diner located at 3623 Shelby St, was an experience that provided my date and I a decent meal at a moderate price, and that’s all there is to it.

Shrouded by a 50’s aesthetic, Joe’s Diner first comes across as an establishment that has an exaggerated theme that may overwhelm the customer, but in reality all it affects is the decor; there won’t be any sort of interference to your meal or theatrical behavior by your server, just a few Marilyn Monroe and James Dean posters.

Upon entering, everything does seem a bit crowded, and it’s unclear what the customer must do in regards to seating. There isn’t any sort of host stand, nor is there any sort of sign. We had to step to the side and linger for a minute or two, confused, before a waitress hollered across the room for us to seat ourselves. I suppose that may be how it was done in the 50’s, but now it’s just a bit jarring.

After we sat down, it was smooth sailing for the rest of our time at Joe’s Diner. We were met by our server right away, and were able to order our drinks and an appetizer. We ordered the fried mushrooms, which were a nice treat to begin our lunch. The contrast between the stiff breading and the gooey mushroom within pieced together for a delicious snack, and once dipped in ranch dressing, I couldn’t find any way to complain.

The main course followed very soon after. Our food came to us very efficiently, as everything did throughout our time. In regards to the meal, however, there truly isn’t much to say. I ordered a burger, and my date ordered the steak, both with a side of fries. The food was delicious, but nothing too extraordinary or remarkable. All in all, I enjoyed the meal.

I would still absolutely recommend Joe’s Diner to all students on the University of Indianapolis campus. Service was fast, the food was good enough quality, but the real reason I would come back is because of the prices. With the burger and steak, we had ordered the most expensive items available, and both were below $12. Each other item on the menu seemed to be around the six to eight dollar range.

So, in summation, Joe’s Diner is the perfect place for a starving college student looking for a quick meal, or just anyone looking for decent food at a cheap price.

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