UIndy Indianapolis Student Government looking to fill positions that are open

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Consisting of only two members, the University of Indianapolis’ Indianapolis Student Government is looking to fill their open positions and promote more student involvement around campus, according to ISG Vice President and senior political science major Dani Merlo. 

Currently, the only positions on ISG that are not open are president and vice president, which are held by senior religion major Jamarcus Walker and Merlo. The treasurer and secretary positions, along with class representatives are open, according to Steven Freck, assistant director for student activities and co-advisor for ISG. The treasurer and secretary positions opened on Oct. 4, and class representatives will open up after fall break, according to Merlo.  Freck said that ISG is currently in a transitional phase. 

“ISG has been super involved the past few months with [the] rolling out of the new UIndy app and some exciting initiatives like that,” Freck said. “So even though it’s a small team right now, they’re still being really active on campus.”

According to Freck, the role of the treasurer is to oversee all of the finances for ISG and record-keeping and the secretary’s role is the communication side of ISG. Freck said that the class positions are a good way for students to get involved with the general assembly of ISG.

“[The positions are] an opportunity for students from each class…to sit on the general assembly of ISG and have a voice on what some of the different initiatives that they [ISG] focus on,” Freck said.

Freck said that the goal for ISG this year is the same as it has always been, which is to serve as a connection from the students to the administrators of campus. ISG will continue to work with the UIndy app throughout the year, while also helping to promote student engagement with Registered Student Organizations, according to Freck.

Merlo said that ISG wants to make UIndy more inclusive and welcoming to students and that she does not want students to be discriminating towards others.

“We would like to have a bunch of students meeting each other,” Merlo said. “…We kind of just want to have an open campus where we’re able to reach all students.”

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