Credit transfer agreement reached between UIndy, Ivy Tech

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In a new agreement with Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, the University of Indianapolis will allow students to have the ability to transfer from Ivy Tech’s Associate of Science in Business Administration degree into the School of Business’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree starting this fall. Eligible students will be able to begin their bachelor’s as junior standing students. This will open more doors for both potential students and UIndy, Director of Adult Programs and Articulation Coordinator Bob Calliote said.

“A significant part of the growth potential is the adult population. This particular degree will give Ivy Tech students the ability to transfer to any of the [public] state schools, such as Indiana University and Purdue,” Calliote said. “We want to get our share of students coming our way. It’s a big deal that we go after those adult students.”

Dean and Professor of Finance in the School of Business Larry Belcher said that the agreement with Ivy Tech would impact adult learner’s options and make access easier to business programs.

“This is an agreement to make the transition for Ivy Tech students into a Business degree program easier.  It lists courses from the Ivy Tech catalog that directly correlate with UIndy courses,” Belcher said. “This is an evening program for adult learners to get a Bachelor’s degree in Business as transfer students into UIndy. This is to offer additional opportunities for adult learners to get a Business degree at UIndy.”

This articulation agreement will be one of many to come in the future. Articulation agreements are formal agreements between two universities or colleges dictating transfer policies between the two institutions. Calliote said that he is currently working on future articulation agreements with Ivy Tech as well as other universities.

“I was appointed as the Articulation Coordinator for [UIndy] at the end of 2018,” Calliote said. “One of my first responsibilities was to get new articulation agreements put into place. The Business Administration [program] was the first one that we tackled. I’ve got many of them in the works. We’ve got one in Community and Nonprofit Leadership we’re actively working on. There is one in Childhood Development. We also have one with Vincennes University in Public Health.”

In a press release from UIndy, Ivy Tech Vice President of Academic Affairs Russ Baker echoed the possibility of future agreements. Baker said that he was also excited about the new opportunities and future partnerships between Ivy Tech and UIndy.

“This is an excellent transfer opportunity for our students at Ivy Tech who want to complete their bachelor’s degree in business. Students will be assured that they won’t lose any credits after completing their associate degree,” Baker said. “We are optimistic that we will soon have more 2+2 [articulation] agreements with the University of Indianapolis.”

Calliote said that eligible Ivy Tech students will be notified of the opportunity during their advising sessions. Those advising sessions will be looking for students of junior standing, which is equal to 60 completed credit hours. Students must also have completed an Associate of Science in Business Administration degree with a 2.0 or higher GPA on a 4.0 scale at Ivy Tech. 

“This will be one of the many future agreements we are working on to help future students,” Calliote said. “We’re looking forward to the increased enrollment….[That’s] what it’s all about.”

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