Oca Review

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Oca, a small restaurant, inside of Sun King Brewery, offers an industrial yet modern feel as soon as you walked through the door. In the restaurant there is a variety of games for anyone to play, ranging from Jenga to The Game Of Life, and this provides guests with a fun activity to do together while enjoying the food from Oca or some beers from Sun King. There is also a great variety of food on their menu and if you’re 21, great beer as well.

I ordered soft pretzels with beer cheese and a goose sandwich which had prosciutto, mozzarella and basil. The cheese had just the right amount of spice and went perfectly with the salty taste of the soft pretzels. Prosciutto with mozzarella and basil combined traditional flavors with a modern take on a meat and cheese tray transformed the sandwich, a new way to have classic Italian flavors. Both of these items were perfect paired with a beer from the Sun King Brewery attached to the restaurant. Everything was delicious, and I will certainly come back not just for the good food, but the amazing atmosphere of the establishment, which is perfect for everyone from families to college students.

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