ISG petitions to extend hours of the grab-and-go

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The Indianapolis Student Government is pushing for the hours of the Greyhound Express, or grab-and-go, to be lengthened for the convenience of the student body, according to junior religion major and president of ISG Jamarcus Walker. The request is not asking for specific hours and Walker said that the group is open to whatever they will be given. The organization is looking into the hours of all the dining options, but the main focus is the grab-and-go.

According to Walker, ISG is trying to create more opportunities for students to not only be more flexible with their schedule and not have to worry about getting to grab-and-go during their short hours, but also to potentially provide more students with employment. They think this will also allow the current student workers to be slightly more flexible with how they plan and balance their schedule.

Junior elementary education major Esperanza Mendoza is a student worker for dining services. She said she is concerned as to how this change would affect her schedule. She said that it is difficult to balance work and school, and though she can sometimes get her homework done while she is working she often has to stay up after work to finish all of her school work.

“If they were to extend the hours it would be difficult on me because I run the cashier at night,” Mendoza said. “So I would have to stay here longer and that would be less time to do homework and study.”

The biggest challenge, according to Walker, has been getting student feedback because students often have a difficult time advocating for themselves. He said the students voicing their opinion is very important because ISG hopes that this will relieve stress of the students, and they need the student response to help prove that this will be a good change for the student body. Walker said he is meeting with Vice President for Student and Campus Affairs and Dean of Students and Campus Life Kory Vitangeli and Executive Chef Jeff Fell to figure out the boundaries of what ISG could potentially accomplish, but also do his best to voice an opinion on behalf of the student body.

According to Walker, ISG hopes that this will kick off in the next semester-or at least have a trial run-to see that their efforts are not going to waste. They are also pushing for the grab-and-go to be fully stocked.

“If they were to extend the hours it would be difficult on me…”

Walker said that near the end of the semester, usually right after Thanksgiving, any time after 1 p.m. the grab-and-go is almost emptied out from students trying to use the rest of their swipes before the end of the semester.

Walker said that students interested in extending the grab-and-go hours and potentially other food options on campus should join ISG and voice their opinion.

“It is a process to get these things happening, so we want to be mindful, and we want students to be aware that everything won’t happen right at the beginning of next semester so be patient,” Walker said. “Also know that if they have any concerns, whether it is hours or quality of food or anything going on, then ISG is there to hear those advocate definitely on the behalf of the student body.”

According to Walker, ISG will be hosting a question and answer session on Jan. 24, for students to voice their opinion. If there are any changes made to hours of the Greyhound Express as a result of this session or the meetings with the faculty members, the students and faculty will be notified via email and also from posters and advertisements around campus.

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