Chris Keevers promoted to head football coach

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After 15 years of service to the University of Indianapolis football team, Former Head Football Coach Bob Bartolomeo announced his retirement on Dec. 3.

Photo by Ki Tally

After the recent retirement of Former Head Football Coach Bob Bartolomeo, Former Defensive Coordinator and Linebacker Coach Chris Keevers has been chosen to lead UIndy’s football team into their next seasons.

Soon after this, on Dec. 5, the team announced the promotion of their new head coach, Former Defensive Coordinator and Linebacker Coach Chris Keevers. He will be serving as Head Football Coach for the upcoming 2019-2020 season and seasons to come. Keevers will be the 15th head coach for UIndy’s football program.

He said he was originally hired in 1994 as the Defensive Coordinator and Strength & Conditioning Coach. In the 25 years he has been with UIndy, he has had experience coaching in various areas. Due to many years together, Keevers said that the staff have become close and work well together and will continue to.

During the announcement of Keevers’ promotion at the press conference, he thanked the faculty and administration for their trust in him with this new position. He also thanked Coach Bartolomeo for everything Keevers has learned from him during the 15 years they hae coached together, along with helping him become a better coach.

While expressing his thanks, Keevers said he is excited and thankful for this opportunity that is given to him.

“I’ve coached here for 25 years. I’ve put a lot of work into this,” Keevers said. “I love the University of Indianapolis. I’m a Hound. This is my place.”

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