Mumford & Sons: “Delta” Review

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Mumford & Sons continues to amaze me with every song and album they release, but their newest album, “Delta,” strikes a different tone than their past releases. The album has much slower songs than their past music, and this makes the overall feel of the music more emotional. I am familiar with the folk/alternative rock band pouring all their emotion into their lyrics and their music in general, and this album takes that to a new level.

Each song relays a different story to the listener, which is my favorite part about the album. With every song, there is an emotional undertone. The album contains 14 songs, beginning with “42.” Out of the 14 songs, “Guiding Light” and “Woman” caught my attention the most because they are two of the more upbeat songs.

The most interesting song on “Delta” is called “Darkness Visible.” The song starts with a voice  just talking for the first minute and thirty seconds, then the rest of the song is instrumental. This song caught me off guard because it is very unusual compared to any song that Mumford & Sons has written before.

I really enjoyed the album, but it definitely has songs that I am only going to listen to if I am in a certain mood. It almost seems like it is more of a “rainy day” feel type of music. I appreciate the change in style and give the band credit for being brave enough to go out of their normal style.

This album might not be for everybody—it really depends on the person and their taste of music. In my opinion, however, “Delta” is an album that I will listen to again, and I will be anxiously awaiting Mumford & Sons next release.


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