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altered-carbon-2Altered Carbon is based on a three-book series by Richard K. Morgan called the “Takeshi Kovacs Series.” The first book is titled “Altered Carbon” and was followed by “Broken Angels” and “Woken Furies.” The show takes place in Bay City, formerly known as San Francisco, in the 25th century. People can now leave their birth body and upgrade into a different body. They refer to bodies as sleeves and are constantly trying to achieve immortality.

I like the way technology is portrayed in this futuristic era, from cars flying to buildings that are floating in the air to virtual reality feeling like actual reality. I like all the science behind the sleeves and being able to become whatever you wanted. They still tried to incorporate religion into this new age of technology.

There are a few episodes where people protest that the soul should be free and not able to be put into another body that was not theirs. In a world where a woman can be a man, a child can be put into the body of an adult or vice versa, I understand how it might be ruled inhumanly, which is a major theme that is present throughout the season.

The writing of the show made me fall in love with characters like Kovacs and his companions, but the show does goes dark very often. Rape, drugs, betrayal and murder are common. It is one of those clichés where the rich are on top because they have the money to be, but sometimes they do get what they deserve.

Some scenes may be too graphic for some as this show in particular is very explicit due to the amount of murder and violence. The show is also very sexual and very open about  human sexuality and biology. I think this is because, on the show,  the human body is thought of nothing more than a sleeve they openly show no shyness to exposing the human body.  Despite this, I would recommend this show for those who like the sci-fi/mystery genre.




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