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Weezer’s “Pacific Daydream” is a return to their roots. This is refreshing for fans of Weezer’s original material, especially after the “White Album” in 2016, which took more of an influence from mainstream pop. Beginning with “Mexican Fender,” lead vocalist and guitarist Rivers Cuomo immediately hits you with a guitar riff, setting the album apart from its predecessor. Through the rest of the album, the instrumentals are simple. Rhythm guitarist Brian Bell, drummer Patrick Wilson and bass guitarist Scott Shriner do an excellent job keeping the rhythm behind Cuomo, creating a relaxing melody familiar to Weezer fans, specifically in songs like “Get Right.” The lyrics, for the most part, are the epitome of chill. Even though “Pacific Daydream” ventures into some darker territories that aren’t usually present in anything Weezer produces, the songs always turn back around to give a positive message, like in “La Mancha Screwjob.” “Sweet Mary,”  my favorite track off of the album, is softer than the rest of the album. When I pay attention to the words being sung, I just lean back and smile to the dulcet music. The scattered pop culture references add to the album’s entertainment value. As always, themes of love and escapism supplement this. Cuomo really shines as the vocalist.  His vocals blend well with the rest of the music. Unfortunately, “Pacific Daydream” does have drawbacks. While Cuomo does get to shine, the rest of the band feels pushed aside. For the first single from the album, and the band’s most successful song in nearly a decade, “Feels Like Summer,” Wilson’s drumming and Bell’s rhythm guitar are inaudible until the chorus. The rest of the album doesn’t give other band members a chance to highlight their abilities. Overall, the simplicity of Weezer’s “Pacific Daydream” creates a relaxing album that will come in handy for anyone looking to de-stress. But it is also this simplicity that takes away from the sense of variety, preventing it from exploring the other members’ abilities.




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