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Indy Reads Books is a nonprofit bookstore on Massachusetts Avenue that sells new and used books. All of the proceeds go directly to Indy Reads, which works to improve literacy among the adult learning community. I was very excited to try out this new spot, not only because it was for a good cause, but also because I was hoping to find some new and different reading material.

The location is very easy to get to, despite the usual rush of “Mass Ave.” traffic, and even has its open parking lot attached. When I walked in, every section was labeled very easily, and I knew exactly where to go to find what I was looking for. I went in with an open mind, hoping to find something a little different than what I usually read and walk out with something that caught my eye.

I began on the right side of the store, which was fiction, and worked my way around. The selections were endless, and like many used bookstores, it took time to search the shelves for something interesting. Despite finding a few recent books on the used shelves, most were quite outdated and did not interest me. Most of the books that I was interested in purchasing were new books and were marked full price. The price point for the used books was about $7. I thought that those were more reasonable purchases. Many of the shelving units were also very high, so I could really only shop the bottom few shelves.

Though I found a few books on “new books” shelves that stood out as interesting, I decided to pass. I knew I could get them cheaper elsewhere, and as much as I wanted to support the cause, I am just a “starving college kid.”

I did enjoy the location’s proximity to a juice bar called Natural Born Juicers, which is a perfect place to take a new book for an afternoon of reading and snacks. Despite not picking up a book at Indy Reads Books, I already had one with me and spent the rest of my afternoon there.

Though I was unimpressed with the selection of used books, I did appreciate their cause and wished I would have found a book so that I could be involved. I will definitely go back to give it another try in the hope that they receive some new content that would interest me.

911 Massachusetts AVE

Indianapolis, IN 46202


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