Get to know UIndy staff: Steven Freck

Photo by Cassie Reverman

Photo by Cassie Reverman

Assistant Director of Student Activities for Orientation and Coordinator of Parent/Family Programs Steven Freck is a 2016 University of Indianapolis graduate and currently works with university students and parents through the Student Affairs office.

“I oversee our orientation programming for new students, transfer and mid-year transfer students as well as international students. I also get to work with our Registered Student Organizations…. Together, Keith [Cecil] and I co-advise UIndy’s Student Government, ISG, and Campus Program Board, CPB.”

Freck invites all students to communicate with him to provide accurate information about campus-wide attitudes towards events and gatherings. He said open communication gives him information on ways to improve both their experiences and his within the campus community.

“Students are some of the most creative and most talented people that we have on our campus, and sometimes I think they’re underutilized and underappreciated,” Freck said. “Our student leaders—whether they’re our residents assistants, orientation leaders, people on the newspaper or in student groups-they all have a lot on their plates, and they manage it all really well.”

Freck said he wants to be as much of a resource to students as he feels students are to him. He said he values their “input, feedback and guidance on things” for the improvement of campus. Freck said that students are as helpful to him as he is to them.

“I think students are creative and willing to jump in wherever they are needed. They are as much of a resource to me as I am to them. Students have a lot on their plates. Many of them are working two and three jobs, they have a full [load] of classes, they’re presidents of their RSOs, they’re trying to go to fun events themselves,” Freck said. “I think sometimes a smile, sometimes buying them a cup of coffee if they don’t have a swipe means more to them than we know.”

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