Get to know UIndy staff: Gail Cooper

Photo by Cassie Reverman

Photo by Cassie Reverman

A 2012 graduate of the University of Indianapolis, Director of Information Technology Gail Cooper oversees the main functions, problems and solutions within the realm of technology for UIndy students.

Cooper’s responsibilities as the Director of the IT Help Desk include identifying permanent solutions to persistent problems, handling outreach within the IT department and communicating with the UIndy community when problems occur.

“I love helping people. I want to make the learning experience and the technology part of that as easy and as user-friendly as possible,” Cooper said.

Cooper adopted an open-door concept into her office space of Schwitzer to welcome anyone on campus who is in need of assistance. Though Cooper may be unavailable to answer questions right away, the rest of her Help Desk team is available to help.

“I receive lots of emails from students who may be having issues. When I can, I try to work with those. But if I feel like I can’t get to it right away, I will forward it directly to the Help Desk to make that resolution come more quickly,” Cooper said.

Cooper finds her interactions with UIndy students valuable not only for herself but for the IT Department as well.

“Seeing how students use technology is what I find most valuable, but not just for the work that we do,” Cooper said. “When we see how people are using technology in their own space, that helps us to have a point of reference for developing new things and ideas.”

Just as the IT Help Desk is approachable to students on campus, Cooper herself strives to be equally approachable.

“I like to think I’m pretty approachable because students see my name everywhere on the emails that go out for maintenance, although they seem like bad news….So as far as emails go, I’m pretty approachable. I hope people feel that way in person on campus,  too,” Cooper said. “I have an open door.”

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