Mo’Joe Coffeehouse has surpassed Starbucks as my favorite coffee shop. When I first walked in, I felt slightly out of my element in the very hipster vibe, but I immediately was put at ease when I was welcomed by the extremely friendly staff. When I stepped up to order, they were very engaging and helpful in making my decision about what to order.  The menu leans more toward strong coffee drinks and less toward the fru-fru drinks that Starbucks tends to carry.  Many of the drinks included extra shots of espresso to pump up the caffeine which, as a busy college student, I really appreciated. The menu is very extensive with many flavorings available to dress up your drink the way you like. I ordered an Italian macchiato, which consisted of espresso and foam, while my friend ordered a cappuccino.  The espresso was very strong and the foam was the perfect addition to mellow out the taste. I was very awake after all the caffeine, so I definitely got my money’s worth. My friend’s cappuccino was even better, with an original taste that even Starbucks could not achieve. We also shared a very tasty banana nut muffin that was served warm. Although the pastries and sandwiches looked good, there were few options for treats to accompany my drink. Mo’Joe’s prices were slightly lower than that of some of their competitors, and the drinks seemed to be slightly larger as well. Overall, I had a very relaxing and enjoyable experience and plan on making Mo’Joe’s my new official coffee hangout.


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