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moana-movie-reviewDisney  films tend to have the same storyline: a princess in distress, a brave and powerful prince and a happily ever after. “Frozen” was one of the first films to break this tradition with the love of a sisterly bond. But “Moana” shatters that formula even more in what is quite possibly the greatest animated Disney film ever. Moana is the daughter of a village chief, and her story begins with her grandmother telling her the legend of the Heart of  Te Fiti, an island goddess.  In this legend, Maui, a shapeshifting demigod, steals Te Fiti’s heart, which causes a darkness that ruins agriculture to spread across the Pacific Islands, including Motunui where Moana lives. The ocean chooses Moana, the girl who has never been allowed past the reef surrounding their island, to break the curse. The only way to do that is to find Maui and restore Te Fiti’s heart to its rightful spot. I was so happy to see Moana look like a real girl. The soundtrack is incredible, and each song is not from a typical Disney soundtrack. Also, I did not expect such a wonderful voice to come from Dwayne Johnson, the voice of Maui. You can’t sit through this movie and not want to sing along, shed tears, crack a smile and laugh. There’s something in “Moana” that elicits a feeling of empowerment and triumph. This emotional and humorous story truly deserves to be the movie of the year.

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