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Walking into this gorgeous and super chic shop in Broad Ripple, I felt like I was walking into a café in Paris, or probably another city besides Indianapolis. The décor is absolutely beautiful, and I almost felt under dressed walking in. However, the sweet smell of baked goods and coffee hit me immediately and made me feel right at home. Choosing from among all the options, which can vary daily, is probably one of the most difficult decisions you can make. One of the most popular options, Earl’s Court Chocolate Cake, was featured on Food Network’s “Guilty Pleasures” and has been served to celebrities such as Elton John. The shop has a few staples and then also rotate selections based on season. Caramel Apple Crumble and Pumpkin Chocolate are a few of the fall options. I went with a slice of the Raspberry Champagne Cake, and it was a wonderful choice. The vanilla cake was filled with raspberry jam and fresh raspberries, brushed with champagne syrup, and topped with champagne frosting and more raspberries. Even not being a huge cake fan, I thought the cake and frosting were a soft and delicious balance. I paired my
slice with a glass of champagne. It was my 22nd birthday, so why not? The only negative aspect was the price. With a single slice ranging from $10 to 13, my bill came to $20 for my cake and drink. We are all definitely lucky to have The Cake Bake Shop in Indianapolis for days when we feel the need to splurge and celebrate.

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