Brave Enough

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 Lindsey Stirling ReviewAfter listening to Lindsey Stirling’s new album “Brave Enough,” I have to say that I love it,  but not as much as I thought I would. Sterling is an electric violinist who plays pop, rock and dance music, and covers popular songs. Her new album starts out strong with a classic instrumental piece that is far from boring or slow. Although I am not always a fan of the vocal accompaniment with her music, the album’s title, “Brave Enough,” featuring Christina Perri was one of my favorites. About halfway through, the album started to lose me as it had more vocalists that overshadowed the music. I was kind of disappointed, but it got better again with songs such as “Mirage,” “First Light” and “Gavi’s Song.” Overall, I would highly recommend the album. It would be great for studying or background music but also fun to listen to on its own or dance to. “Brave Enough” is fun and Stirling’s violin-playing is exceptional. The only thing I would change is less focusing on the vocalists and more on Stirling.

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