RSO introduces new ice hockey program

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The University of Indianapolis Registered Student Organization recently announced the addition of a new RSO, University of Indianapolis Ice Hockey. Senior sports management and health/physical education double major Kevin Mason is the president of the organization and junior exercise science major Alex Williams is vice president. UIndy does not currently  have a hockey team on the athletic roster.

“I wanted to make an impact on the school by bringing in one of the top four major sports in America to the university,” Mason said.

University of Indianapolis Ice Hockey is looking to recruit both men and women. There will be no fees to join.Photo contributed by James Mason

The organization currently has roughly 21 members on its roster and is looking to expand. Both men and women are encouraged to join. According to Williams, practice will be held at Perry Park Ice Rink.  Practices have not officially started yet, but likely will be scheduled on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. Currently, the program is looking for people of all experience levels.

“The goal of this organization would be to compete in the American Collegiate Hockey Association,” Mason said. “The ACHA is nation-wide, with roughly 180 teams in Division III, and is a non-intercollegiate and non-NCAA association.”

Schools such as Indiana University, Purdue University, Butler University, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis and Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne all attract students with their ACHA hockey teams according to Mason and Williams.

“This hockey organization would be good for students and the university, because I was undecided where I was going to school and had to choose between UIndy for academics or a different university for hockey, and this would make decisions for people like that a lot easier,”  Williams said.

Williams said there are no fees to join the team currently because equipment can be pretty costly for hockey.

“Many clubs require player fees, and I didn’t want to do that, because if we can get people who don’t
have equipment just to start by skating on the ice, it could have a really good impact on people willing to participate,” Mason said.

The initial startup will not be full contact games but just getting people out skating and learning the game. Mason said games will take place later on in the season, when people are consistently practicing and the participants feel comfortable enough.

More information about the new program is available by contacting Mason at

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