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 Bluebeard is a Kurt Vonnegut themed restaurant in Fountain Square. Bluebeard features high-class food that is not too expensive, but not cheap either. So save this restaurant for special occasions. It has a lot of books and typewriters, along with Vonnegut quotes and a few first-edition books, according to my server. The restaurant uses ingredients from local farmers, and because the ingredients are so fresh, the menu changes on a daily basis. I tried the chips and french onion dip, followed by quail with squash, onion, marjoram, watercress puree and chicken jus. As a cook, I have to say that the menu should be easier for people to understand. The chips and dip were flawless, and the quail was good, but probably not something I would buy again. It tasted great, but there is barely any meat on a quail. At the end of the visit, my server sent me home with a free loaf of day-old bread from Amelia’s, the bakery next door. This is a place you don’t want to miss.


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