Annual Homecoming Carnival returns for Homecoming Week

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The University of Indianapolis hosted its annual Homecoming Carnival on Sept. 29 in UIndy Hall as part of the university’s Homecoming Week celebration. Although the homecoming theme changes each year, the traditional circus theme was still used for the Homecoming Carnival. There were a series of games, activities and prizes, as well as typical carnival treats for many to enjoy.

A Silly Safari Animal Show allowed audience members to interact with different creatures, such as an owl, alligator, snake and others. Aside from the students, the carnival also was open to the community members, and families and their young children came out for the carnival experience.

Sophomore exercise science and pre-physical therapy major Kiara Richardson described the carnival atmosphere in three words: “playful, vibrant, happy.”

While some students had looked forward to the week’s festivities, some had not as eagerly anticipated the celebration. Senior accounting major Rachel Burns said she was homeschooled at a young age and had not had the opportunity to experience homecoming as some of her peers had.

“I didn’t have any expectations coming into the carnival, or homecoming, really,” Burns said. “I’m not that into showing my school spirit or celebrating Homecoming Week. I was mainly excited to see the animals. I’m easy to please.”

Richardson said she had to looked forward not only to the carnival, but also to the week’s other activities.

“Homecoming’s always [been] a big deal and a great time,” Richardson said. “The football game is always hype and energetic. I look forward to it the most because of the fact that I’m on the school’s dance team and get to perform for the crowd.”

As for the carnival, the two students had somewhat similar perspectives.

“Honestly, it’s a little too kidsy, and I wasn’t aware [of] or prepared for, what it consisted of,” Burns said, “although, I do think that UIndy is doing a great thing for its students.”

Richardson had had other expectations for this year’s carnival.

“I expected there to be more activities, and I felt like it was a bit cheesy in some ways,” she said, “but overall it seems to be getting better compared to previous years and is growing as a whole.”

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