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>> Coming off of the group’s previous album, “Megalithic Symphony,” which included the wildly popular song “Sail,” AWOLNATION released its latest creation, “Run,” on March 17. “Run” has the tone and edge that fans love about this electronic group. The first song on the album, appropriately also named “Run,” warms up listeners’ ears with a powerful electronic mood and even the sound of a few string instruments. My favorite song “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” is catchy and sure to get stuck in your head. Even though most of the songs on this album have the theme of love or heartbreak, that doesn’t mean they are boring, sappy songs. The songs all have a powerful bass line that will make you want to move along and listen to them over and over again. Overall, AWOLNATION did not disappoint with its latest album release. I recommend this album to anyone looking for music that has the power to pump you up and just make you feel good.


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